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600 AD in North Vadikal assumed more importance in Karmkando. Number of sacrifices increased. It is written in vyas memory   . Due to kill a group of animals Amar Singh says his fund Kautikshc. 11 V. Century the names of those Kotikshc word Tikakron out the Kautik. Kautik of words is certainly Apbrnsh Ktik and Ktik.
Meat to sacrifice when necessary sacrifices Brahamnon in this work made by these Kautik .  Brahmin sacrificial time points by being present there, from that time kshatriya . Shock while getting blood and goat's head up Tilak statue of the goddess was on Cdate. It is written in vyas memory .
approximately in year 1200 Khatik caste was formed by seperated from kshatriya. kshatriya eat the flesh of which animals to shock those  animals for meat pieces was the work of Khatik.  and somewhere those who work still used by kshatriya .

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